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Favorite Packages


DREAM: 2.5+ hour experience

45 minute Purifying Facial

45 minute Relaxing Massage

45 minute Deluxe Pedicure (choice of Lavender or Citrus)

Purifying Facial Relaxing Massage Deluxe Pedicure$230.00

CELEBRATE: 4+ hour experience

60 minute Regenerating Facial

60 minute Shea Butter Quench Massage

Warm Olive Oil Manicure & Pedicure

Receive a celebration gift at the end of your spa experience.

Facial, Shea Butter Massage, Olive Oil Mani & Pedi$365.00

INSPIRE: 3.5+ hour experience

60 minute Vitamin Infused Facial

60 minute Relaxing Aromatherapy Massage

Zents Manicure and Pedicure

Vitamin Facial, Aroma Massage, Zents Mani & Pedi$330.00

RENEW: 2.5+ hour experience

45 minute Purifying Facial

90 minute Body Scrub and relaxing massage

Purifying Facial, Body Scrub & Relaxing Massage$275.00

NATURAL: 3.5+ hour experience

60 minute Pure Balance Facial
60 minute Healing Stone Massage
Spa Ritual Pedicure

Pure Balance Facial, Stone Massage, Spa Pedicure$300.00

FOR TWO: massages and/or pedicures

Enjoy our couples massage room or just meet after your services in a private relaxation area.

(2) 60 minute relaxing massages

add (2) Zents Infusion Pedicures

TWO Relaxing Massages$200.00
TWO Relaxing Massages & TWO Zents Pedicures$320.00

MOM to BE: a 2+ hour experience

60 minute Seasonal Prenatal massage
Seasonal Pedicure
Scents change seasonally, currently we are offering a Caramel Spice Massage & Vanilla Chai Pedicure

Seasonal Prenatal Massage and Pedicure$170.00

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Especially for Men


MEN'S CLASSIC- massage and facial

Created especially for men, this package includes a 45 minute Customized Facial, an optimal choice for the man in search of a clearer complexion and some much needed relaxation. He will also enjoy a 60 minute
Deep Pressure Massage
, an intense massage treatment focusing on specific stressed areas of the body using medium to deep pressure. Targeting deeper layers of muscle tissue, varied techniques are used to address specific areas with chronic muscle tensions.

a 1+ hour spa experience$220.00
upgrade to a 90 minute deep pressure massage$260.00

A MAN'S ESCAPE- massage, manicure, and pedicure

90 minute Fire and Ice Massage, our signature full body massage to relieve chronic tension. Alternating application of heat and cold, the heat expands the blood vessels and the cold constricts them, causing a flushing action. This technique increases circulation to enhance healing and relieve pain. Deluxe Manicure & Pedicure, a pampering experience that includes a relaxing massage and exfoliation to shed layers of dead skin that typically accumulate especially on your feet

a 2+ hour spa experience$250.00